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What's New :

14th August 2002

Well, it's time to let the secret out of the bag.

*CALVIN are currently recording their debut album*

The guys are financing it themselves and are hopeful it will be out (in all good record shops) by the end of the year. Most of the songs are finished and are waiting for their final mix before they're all shipped away for mastering. The songs featured will be (although this won't be the running order of the album):

Learning To Breathe
Hatcheck Girl
3 Months
What Are We Going To Do Tomorrow?
Cuban Skyline Coffee Shop
What's Going On?
Why Not Try
I Can't Sleep
Cruel Summer

3rd May

Well that was some break wasn't it?

Actually, Calvin have been hectic since the turn of the year - gigging at all the Scottish hotspots: 13th Note in Glasgow, Westport in Dundee, Bongo Club and La Belle Angele in Edinburgh to name but a few.

As well as that, the guys have found time to start a fledgling promotions company, Baby Tiger.

Not Only has all of this been going on BUT they've even managed to write a batch of fantastic new songs! - "Hatcheck Girl", "I Can't Wait", "Supercar", another one that they can't think of a proper title for (provisionally entitled "Russia") and they even re-vamped an old song, "Learning To Breathe". The lads are very keen to get back into the studio to record the new tracks and have provisionally pencilled in sessions for the beginning of June.

29th November

CALVIN are taking a festive break from gigging to concentrate on new material. As well as that, they are trying to arrange gigs for 2002. Check out the Calvin Gigs for any announcements.1st November

CALVIN have now finished recording a further 4 songs for their first album. The songs were recording with the assistance of Flat Records at Panther Studios in Reigate, Surrey. A further 2/3 recording sessions are planned over the next couple of months.

On the live side, CALVIN have recently competed in the Budweiser/Radio Forth sponsored Battle of the Bands at Studio 24 in Edinburgh. The band came a very close second and won over lots of new friends to the cause. The band are now heading up the road to St Andrews for an acoustic set with Neil eager to further test out his superb kazoo talents.

2nd October

Lots have been happening on the CALVIN front recently.

CALVIN got to the semi finals of the Iroz sponsored Battle of the Bands, losing out on a place in the final by one vote.

A trip down to Surrey to record some songs is also planned for the near future. Flat Records are keen to help record some futher material. Although at present only "Cuban Skyline Coffee Shop" has been confirmed, another other 2 will be decided on nearer the time.

The band have been busy arranging a set of acoustic gigs. The first of which was played last Friday at the Cellar Bar in St Andrews and included Neil playing a blistering Kazoo solo (I kid you not).

Still no news on when the final of the Budweiser/Radio Forth sponsored Battle of the Bands. As soon as any details are announced tehy will be posted onto the site. Stay tuned.

1st June

CALVIN won through to the final of the Budweiser/Radio Forth sponsored Battle of the Bands (date and location of the final is still to be confirmed). The band impressed the judges and overcame some very strong competition with a fine set that included 3 new songs. "Friends Like These", "Cruel Summer" and the oddly titled "Robinson Crusoe Was Right All Along" were all aired to a warm reception and provided CALVIN with the opportunity to bring back keyboards to their set.

The band are now going back into rehearsals to work on yet more new songs. They are hoping to finsh off "Magnificent", "Hatcheck Girl" and "Safe" in time for the next run of gigs (details of which are still to be confirmed).

27th August

A new page has been added to the site. Check out The Diary.

11th March

It's been a busy month for CALVIN. After a spate of gigs (including playing the T-Break Heats), CALVIN have managed to air yet another new song. "Safe" was debuted at the recent gig at The Attic. Also this month, just as the lads were beginning to think that their run of bad luck with injuries was at an end, Ali managed to come down with not only the flu but bronchitis into the bargain! Undeterred, CALVIN managed to play a couple of acoustic gigs which received a very warm welcome.

5th February

CALVIN have been busy arranging some more gigs. As well as some invitation only gigs, they will be playing Edinburgh and St. Andrews in the near future.
Check out CALVIN Gigs for more information.

Also, the website, as well as publishing an interview with CALVIN have also released a review of CALVIN's E.P, "The Last One To Drop". Click here to check out both articles.

21st January

CALVIN have secured their very own rehearsal room. The boys are currently developing their sound and are frantically writing new songs.

So far, there have been 3 new songs written by the band. These are "Little Deaths", "The Cuban Skyline Coffee Shop" and "Safe" - the first two of which shall be aired at the forthcoming gig at The Venue on Monday 22nd.

10th January

CALVIN have started the new year with a flurry of activity. The lads are currently busy rehearsing and writing new songs as well as negotiating with a number of venues for upcoming gigs. So far, there are 2 confirmed bookings (see CALVIN Gigs for more details) but more will be on the way.

As well as that, the band are currently looking into getting a more permanent location for rehearsals. On top of all of that, the band have promised that they will be airing at least one new song for their first gig of the new year (The Venue, Jan 22nd).

As if that wasn't enough, they have also managed to find time for an interview with an indie web site - details of which will be forthcoming.

20th November

CALVIN's recent support gig with Cinerama was another resounding success for the lads. Aided with a great sound and a receptive crowd, CALVIN played a rousing gig and were rewarded with an offer of an interview with

15th November

CALVIN have been announced as the support for the forthcoming CINERAMA gig at The Venue in Edinburgh. CINERAMA are a new band featuring former members of The Wedding Present.>

30th October

More sad news on the Calvin wagon. Due to injury and time restrictions, Calvin are rescheduling their debut gig at the Fiskal and Firkin. Details of the dates will be posted as soon as they are available. On brighter news, Calvin have drafted in a new temporary member of the group. Miles shall be standing in for Neil as rhythm guitarist while Neil continues to model the latest fashions in designer sling wear.

3rd October

Disaster has struck the good ship Calvin. Singer and rhythm guitarist, Neil has been run over by a car! As usual, Neil's impeccable timing for injuries means that he will be missing from Calvin's next gig (details in CALVIN gigs). We wish Neil a speedy recovery and while he's at home nursing his dislocated shoulder he can try and memorise the green cross code. All the best Neil!!!28th August

CALVIN are currently working on 2 new original songs, "Sometimes" and the imaginatively entitled "The Cuban Skyline Coffee Shop". The band are also busy re-working their set to make future gigs even more of an event - if that's at all possible:)

28th August

CALVIN's new song "E High Dreams" was warmly received at their recent gig in Newcastle. The band are now looking forward to working on their ever increasing batch of new songs.

15th August

CALVIN are putting the finishing touches to a new song entitled "E High Dreams". The song will be given it's first outing at the forthcoming Newcastle gig

20th July

CALVIN have started work on a batch of new songs and hope to have them ready to play in time for their next gig.

New photographs have been added to the CALVIN Photo's page.

Details of CALVIN's new E.P have been added to the CALVIN merchandise page

14th July

Photographs of CALVIN's latest photoshoot have been developed and will be added to the site on Monday 17th July.

4th June

CALVIN's recent gig at the Fruitmarket Galleries was filmed and broadcast on the net at To view the gig, click here and go to themodern gallery section

26th June

CALVIN have finished recording on their 2nd E.P, as yet to be titled. The track listing is: "I Can't Sleep", "What's Going On" and "Why Not Try". A release date and price have still to be confirmed. Details will be posted as soon as they are available.

8th June

CALVIN are going back into the studio to record the follow up to their debut E.P, "Star". Recording starts on the 24th June.

29th May

CALVIN's song, "3 Months" has won the BURBS New Sound Room Competition. The song won with a whopping 60% of the vote.

CALVIN are only the second band from Scotland who have won this competition. The band would like to give a huge thanks to all who took the time to vote.

CALVIN aired another new song at the weekend. "I Can't Sleep" was played during the gig on Saturday 27th at Mucky Mulligan's in Perth. The song received a very warm welcome from the packed crowd and should be a crowd favourite for many gigs to come.

22nd May

CALVIN's song, 3 Months, has been included in the New Sound Room competition in the BURBS web site. To visit the Burbs web site to vote for this song, either click on the BURBS link on the home page or click here and go to the New Sound Room page.

16th May

The Guest Book has been modified so that it can be viewed without the need to input details.

CALVIN finished a very successful week by playing Aikman's Wine bar. The band were asked to perform 3 impromtu encores and are looking forward to playing there again soon.

Calvin are now trying to arrange more gigs across the country as well as trying to find time to get back into the studio to record their follow up to the hugely successful "Star" E.P.

11th May

CALVIN's gig at the St Andrews Union last night went very well. "What's Going On" and "Happy As.." received an especially warm reception from the Wednesday night crowd. The band enjoyed the night and are now looking forward to travelling back to St Andrews this Saturday for their show at Aikman's Wine Bar.

8th May

CALVIN have 2 new songs which they will be showcasing at St Andrews Uni tonight (Happy As and What's Going On). Both songs are a bit of a departure from their recent material and the band can't wait to perform them in front of an audience.

1st May

CALVIN played an unscheduled gig at Aikman's Wine Bar after finishing their set at McIntosh hall while in St. Andrews on Sunday (30th). It was a set minus drums as Ali was having a kip in the back of the van and gave the band a chance to display their vocal skills. It was a subdued affair and the band thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did the crowd.

28th April

You can now join the CALVIN mailing list to keep informed of any important news and gig dates.

To join, simply go back to the CALVIN home page and enter your email address in the box provided. Click the icon and then fill in a few simple questions.

20th April

CALVIN's song "3 Months" has been remastered and remixed. Please contact the band if you would like to hear it.

12th April

CALVIN are busy preparing new songs for their next gig(s). They are hoping to showcase at least 3 brand new songs in May

29th March

New CALVIN gig dates announced. Check out CALVIN gigs for more details

22nd March

CALVIN now have their song, "3 Months" posted on the Burbs website. To check it out, click on the Burbs banner at the bottom of the home page.

13th March

CALVIN have finished what has been quite a hectic week. The week ended with CALVIN's first out of town gig (The Cellar Bar, St.Andrews) and was a resounding success.

The band now plan to take a week's break before recording new songs as well as remastering their E.P, "Star". The E.P has also been a success, selling out in less than a week. The band would just like to say a huge "thank you" to everyone involved in the creation of "Star", especially Pete Watkins, without who's help the release just wouldn't have been possible. Thanks Pete.

6th March

CALVIN's support slot at the Venue was received very warmly indeed by the Geneva crowd last night (5th). The band had a lot of very positive feedback about the performance and consider the night as a great success (photographs of the nights performance will be posted as soon as they are available). They are looking forward to playing a longer set on Thursday (9th) at L'Attache.

CALVIN played a couple of numbers at Bar Java on Friday (3rd). It was an impromptu affair and were invited to the stage by the nights performer. Afterwards, the band were stopped in the street and performed "Elizabeth" at the request of a group of tourists from Ireland.

4th March

CALVIN have finished recording of their debut E.P entitled "star". The CD's are being pressed and should be ready by Friday(3rd). The track listing is: Credit Card Thief, Blue, 3 Months and The Real Me. The E.P will be available from Sunday 5th March priced £3.

29th February '00

CALVIN have been confirmed as one of two bands supporting GENEVA at The Venue on Sunday March 5th for their album launch gig. CALVIN are releasing their first EP, Star, on the same night.

CALVIN now have fantastic, funky T-Shirts for sale. If you would like to be the envy of all your friends and have one of these limited edition shirts, contact the band for more details.

23rd February '00

CALVIN's gig at the Venue (supporting Subcicus) has been cancelled due to the headlining band cancelling their entire tour.

However, the band may have an alternative support slot lined up. They are awaiting confirmation of playing with GENEVA. There should be more news on this on Friday (26th).

11th February '00

CALVIN have joined the British Unsigned Rock Bands site (BURB's). Please check into this site as you'll find a huge nember of unsigned bands as well as ourselves.

For all of you waiting to hear soundfiles, CALVIN expect their demo to be finished in early March and promise that it'll be worth the wait.

3rd February '00


CALVIN are set to play two Edinburgh gigs in March. They are:

March 9th - L'Attache, 1 Rutland Street, West End

March 19th - The Venue (supporting Subcircus), 15 - 21 Calton Rd

10th January '00

It's quite exciting times for Calvin at the moment. The band are currently in the process of recording a demo for record company labels to listen to (as well as fans at gigs of course). As soon as the demo is finished you'll be able to hear snippets of it here first.

Gig News


5th February '01

CALVIN are to support Doolah on Friday 9th March. More details of the gig will be announced as soon as they are available.

10th January '01

CALVIN have confirmed their first 2 dates of the new year. First of is The Venue in Edinburgh on January 22nd. Second up, again in Edinburgh, they will be back at Whistle Binkies on 3rd February. More details in CALVIN Gigs.

10th September

CALVIN are currently lining up another appearance at The Venue in Edinburgh. More details will be announced as soon as they are available.

15th August '00

CALVIN will be playing their first gig South of the Border. They will be appearing at The Bridge in Newcastle on the 24th August. More details can be found at CALVIN Gigs

4th August '00

CALVIN have confirmed a couple of dates for September. Both gigs are in Edinburgh and are at Whistle Binkies on the 1st and Spiers on the 2nd.

The band are currently in negotiations for a gig in Newcastle. More details will be announced as soon as they come in.14th July '00

CALVIN will be playing Aikman's Wine Bar in St Andrews on Friday 14th July

7th July '00

CALVIN's gig at Whistle Binkies on the 8th July has been put forward 24 hours to Friday 7th July.

19th June '00

CALVIN are delighted to announce that Whistle Binkies have got back their late license and will be putting on live music again. CALVIN have already confirmed that they will be playing there on Saturday, July 8th.

CALVIN will also be playing in Edinburgh at the Fruitmarket galleries on June 30th. The gig starts at 5pm and will be filmed and archived on the internet.

24th May '00

CALVIN have just announced that they will be playing in Perth at Mucky Mulligan's on Saturday 27th May. This is the first time that the band will have played Perth and it promises to be a fantastic gig.

19th May '00

CALVIN have confirmed that they will be appearing at Aikman's Wine Bar in St. Andrews on Friday 26th May as part of the BBC Live Weekend event. It's free entry and the band will be on from 10 pm.

16th May '00

CALVIN's next confirmed gig is at Dundee's Westport bar on the 28th June although the band are in negotiations for another St Andrews show, this time as part of the BBC live event.

26th April '00

CALVIN have just been confirmed as the act for the St. Andrews Garden Party at McIntosh Hall on Sunday 30th April. The gig starts at 2pm.

20th April '00

CALVIN's arranged gig on the 6th May has been rescheduled to 13th May due to a double booking.

CALVIN have been provisionally booked for a gig at Dundee's West Port Bar. More details announced soon.

31st March '00

CALVIN's scheduled gig at Whistle Binkies in Edinburgh on the 14th of April has been cancelled. This is due to the fact that the pub has lost it's license. The band will certainly miss the pub's electric atmosphere (but won't shed too many tears over the small stage!).

7th March '00

CALVIN have announced two new dates. They will be playing St Andrews' Cellar Bar on Saturday 11th March and then back in Edinburgh at their regular haunt, Whistle Binkies on the 14th April

6th March '00

CALVIN scheduled gig at St. Andrews Union has been confirmed as the 4th May.

23rd February '00

CALVIN's announced gig at St. Andrews Union has been put back to sometime in early May. This is due to the Entertainments Committee at St. Andrews decision to have bands play on Thursday's instead on Sunday's. The gig will still be going ahead but we are awaiting confirmation of a date. Stay tuned for more information.