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You probably think that the life of a (not yet famous) rock star would be one full of excitment and adventure. This page will probably put an end to that myth. Or will it...

Neil's Diary

Tuesday 22nd January

Well folks it's 2002, and we're off to a flyer. So far this year we've played twice, including our debut Glasgow gig (big up to Stonewhisper and the Stick Finlays for an ace night) at the 13th Note Club, and also our debut promotional gig, at La Belle Angele with Reiser and Scooby. This latter gig was notable mainly for the first appearance in public of Baby Tiger, our offshoot designed to plug all things musical, good, and Calvin-related, though not necessarily in that order. Baby Tiger may have many uses in the future including gig promotion and possibly even as a record label, we'll keep you posted.

Coming up... you may have heard that the legendary 13th Note is facing closure, so we'll be there on Friday 25th to help save it (Calvin to the rescue!!!) with the Boy Cartographer, Smuj, and some other very nice people too. Before that, it's yet another Battle of the Bands, at Curly Lloyd's in Perth on Thursday 24th. In Edinburgh, we'll be playing at the Bongo Club on Tuesday 29th, with lovely Glasgow tunesmiths Ikarus. Looking waaay ahead, it's Soundgarden@Starka in Motherwell on 7 March, and hopefully some Aberdeen/Dundee/rest of Scotland dates to follow. Oh, and more recording, when we get sorted out. More later, bye for now!!!!

Friday 14th December

Well, this is probably the final diary entry of the year, as Calvin have packed up their kit till after Xmas now. "What's your chat" I hear you cry... well...

After a busy year of showcases and Battle of the Bands, we can only humbly thank you all for your recurring appearance at gig after gig, and hope to see you all present and correct in 2002. When hopefully world domination will be ours. So far we are hopefully doing a gig to be video'd (maybe at La Belle Angele) we have some recording sessions provisionally scheduled for to finish off the debut album, and you never know, maybe it'll be out in time to win the Mercury.

We're off for a wee lie down now. See y'all soon, Merry Xmas and all that!

Love Calvin xo

Thursday 1st November

Calvin have recently been finding out what it's like to be up and coming rock stars. Recording has been completed on the new material, along with much crashing on a studio floor, courtesy of Flat Records. Thanks to Johnny Elmer for his invaluable producing skills. We now have four new songs ready for the upcoming album - they are Cruel Summer, The Cuban Skyline Coffee Shop, Robinson Crusoe was right all along, and Safe. And they all sound v. good.

Monday 8th October

Well, as you will no doubt already know from our *extensive* gigs page, our Budweiser/Forth 1 sponsored Battle of the Bands final at Studio 24 is on Thursday 25 October, doors at 7.30pm. This will also feature Edinburgh acts Supercoolthing, Reiser and Jimson Trance. If you want a cheapy ticket (ie only the £5) you need to buy from a band member, so contact us! If however you are rich, pay £6 on the door why dontch'a. Studio 24 is on Calton Road, Edinburgh, on past the Venue going towards Abbeyhill.

Aside from that, we're away to Surrey soon to record 4 songs - The Cuban Skyline Coffee Shop, Cruel Summer, Robinson Crusoe Was Right All Along, and Safe. We hope to get these to you very soon (possibly with more recordings, you'll just have to wait and see!!!

That's all folks

Neil C

Monday 1st October

well everyone, it's been a while and many and manifold things have been happening aboard the Calvin wagon... We have been entering Battles of the Bands like they are going out of fashion. Soon, they will go out of fashion, we hope, proving that we were right to strike when the iron was hot, or something. We have so far reached the final of Studio 24's extravaganza, and were narrowly pipped by 1 vote (yes kids, that's right. 1 vote) in Iroz's Ark competition semi finals. Studio 24's final will be sometime in October, more information when they tell me. Calvin will be recording their new CD down in Surrey next month (October). This will include the track 'The Cuban Skyline Coffee Shop' and 2 further songs to be confirmed. We're also recording near Braemar in the near future, so plans are afoot to get the fruits of all our recordings to you the lovely public at a future date. Watch this space... And finally... the website will hopefully be moving to a new home shortly, courtesy of Simon Barber. So keep your eyes peeled for an all singing all dancing (though not literally) mine of info, coming your way soon. That's all folks...

Thursday 9th August

Diary Entry number something. I dunno what.

Well, lots of exciting stuff has happened over the last few weeks, and if I could be bothered, I'd tell you about it. Instead, I advise that you go to one of the many unofficial Calvin sites as they're much better.. blah blah, the usual (that was a lie for the more easily influenced among you)


Red Light Stylus are playing at the Gilded Balloon II at Teviot all the way through the Festival with the exception of a couple of dates, go to and they'll tell you when. Very very good.

We are writing lots of new material, some is exceedingly quiet, some is quite loud, bits of it are rather good. We are also recording in September up near Braemar, the fruits of which will hopefully be available soon after.

More news soon!

Wednesday 20 June

"Friends Like These" has mutated into a ballady type thing, from being a big rock classic. But now it sounds good, which I count as a plus. "Robinson Crusoe Was Right All Along", in addition to having a v. silly name, is now a piano toon. Which isn’t something you’ll hear me say often.
Due to a recording company showing faint signs of interest (faint being the operative word in that sentence) we’re putting together a slick, professional and above all crude and amateurish marketing package to send them All ideas gratefully appropriated.

Saturday 9 June

Today is a great day for the mighty Calvin. A new song graces the bit of paper in my bedroom, it is 'Friends Like These' and no doubt the rest of the band will get to ditch it (sorry, hear it) soon.

Saw Red Light Stylus at the Gilded Balloon last night - check them out at - they are a top band. If we're very good boys and eat all our greens, we may be playing with them later this year.

Saturday 2 July

T in the park have officially lost our phone number. It's true. Why else would they get some other bands to play at their big shebang?? Freaks.


We're playing at a Battle of the Bands on Tuesday. You know, the 6th? At Wilde's Pub. I have a cunning plan!

We win the competition, pick up the grand as a first prize, go off and record a top album, move to LA and drink ourselves silly. Now I know this plan has several pitfalls, but I'm sure that given enough time and a big run-up, we can learn to drink ourselves silly. So that's fine.

See you Tuesday. Go do some work.


No accidents today. This is useful, we have a band practise tonight, playing guitar with a dislocated shoulder more difficult than previously envisaged.

Lots of new songs to record, such esoteric titles as "Robinson Crusoe was right all along". Short. Snappy. To the point. They'll love us in pop quizzes in years to come you know.

"What is it???"
"I dunno, wait for the chorus."

Ambition of the week: get Brian to write a critical song. So far, they're all called stuff like "Incredible", "Magnificent" and "Fantastic", "just superb" (I made that last one up). The next one has to be called something like "my mother peeled spuds for lincolnshire you know, but they dropped her on the head as a child". Much more in keeping with the band spirit!

Still haven't heard whether we're playing T in the Park yet, think DF Concerts must have dropped the phone number down the back of the fridge. Again. So careless!

Anyway, go away. Don't you have anything better to do than sit around reading this rubbish???